Leo Brodie

by Ed Sawicki

Leo Brodie

Leo Brodie is a major advocate of the Forth programming language and wrote two books on the subject. His books went well beyound teaching the Forth language. They taught how to think about problems and programming solutions generally but using examples in the Forth language.

Brodie had a most profound impact on me at the time (the mid-1980s), especially given that I was self-taught. His books were the substitute for the programming classes I never took.

Here's one of the illustrations from one of Brodie's books that resonates with me.

Conventional wisdom reveres complexity.


Brodie's books are available for download for free in various forms from here.

Thinking Forth

Starting FORTH

Although not written by Brodie, you might find this useful: American National Standard for Information Systems — Programming Languages — Forth

Leo's webpage