Ingenuity Mars helicopter

Ingenuity–built by the people of Earth

Which has more computer horsepower onboard: the almost car-sized Mars Perseverance rover or the tiny four-pound Ingenuity helicopter?

Gaza building destroyed

AP Archives

In a stunning example of how NOT to manage your data responsibly, the Associated Press lost a media archive in Gaza when the Israeli military destroyed the building it was in.

La Belle discotheque bombing

Security through Obscurity

The 1986 bombing of Libya by the United States teaches an important lesson about Security Through Obscurity. The U.S. raid was in response to the bombing of the La Belle discotheque in West Berlin that targeted and killed two U.S. soldiers.

Naval semaphores

Pompous Europeans and Naval Codes

How pompous French naval officers rejected technological improvements because of insufficient noble birth. Good thing there were pompous British officers who exploited this.

Rudd Canaday

Rudd Canaday–UNIX Pioneer

Rudd is one of the original group of three people who worked on the UNIX operating system at Bell Labs in the mid-1960s. He worked on the UNIX file system.

Move over Intel

Most of the computer processors in use in the world today are designed by Intel?

Nope. Not even close. It's the ARM.

Alan Turing on 50 pound note

Alan Turing on British money

The Bank of England will issue a 50 pound note featuring Alan Turing on June 23, 2021, Turing's birthday.

Vote for HAL

Fixing Congress with AI

I want to propose that an AI-based system could be applied to government.