Alabama immigration law

Solving the Faux Immigrant Problem

How do crony capitalism and a corrupt political system account for decades of robbing the public coffers? Decades of stagnant wages, high health care costs, crumbling infrastructure, and increasing homelessness?

Blame it on immigrants.

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Education Trickles Down

Because of the Roosevelt Administration's GI Bill, I had my father, World War II, and the U.S. government to thank for my life's occupation of teaching others.

Astronaut on moon

We Created a Monster

American taxpayers bootstrapped industries that no longer share the wealth. The spoils of capitalism now flow mostly to the wealthy.

workers strike

Reparations for Wage Theft

Should U.S. workers be compensated for decades of wage theft caused by Congress?

Means testing

Means-testing is expensive

Means-testing requires building and managing complex systems whose cost is higher than the promises of money saved. The solution is to use the existing system of means testing that's existed since 1861.

Payday loans sign

Payday Loans

Update on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFRB).

Corporate Taxes

Corporate Taxes

Is the solution to massive social inequality an increase in corporate tax rates?