No Ideas & Bad Ideas

by Ed Sawicki - March 12, 2021

John McAfee

Recently, I won an argument with a conservative friend with a single sentence. It started when I said, “Todays Republicans have two kinds of ideas: no ideas and bad ideas.” He challenged me on this and asked for an example of a bad GOP idea.

Since he’s in the computer industry, I used an example that he’d understand. I said, “When the* computer system initially had problems in 2013, Republicans in Congress wanted John McAfee to fix it.”

My friend remembered when this happened and is well aware of John McAfee’s reputation, skillset, and mental condition. It was a ridiculous idea. He immediately conceded the point with no argument whatsoever.

Rubbing it in more, I added, “I’m surprised they didn’t also want Hans Reiser.”

If you’re unaware of McAfee’s reputation, here’s his Wikipedia page. Oh, that's his photo at the top of the page.

Here’s Hans Reiser’s Wikipedia page if you’re unfamiliar with this computer guy who murdered his wife.

* ObamaCare health insurance exchange website


GOP asked tech founder, ex-fugitive McAfee to diagnose Obamacare