Unamerican activities

GOP enemies of diplomacy

Enemies of Diplomacy

In 2015, forty-seven Republican Senators tried to saboutage the Iran Nuclear Deal by sending a letter to Iran's leadership telling them the deal may not last after Obama's presidency. It didn't.

Iran's Islamic Revolution

Iran's 1978 Islamic Revolution was the result of US and UK spy agencies engineering a coup d'etat, overthrowing the democratically-elected secular government. The Western puppet, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, converted Iran's democracy into a brutal authoritarian government.

Richard Nixon

Quemoy and Matsu

United States politicians have a rich history of favoring expensive military misadventures over diplomacy. Richard Nixon is an early example of putting his political ambitions over his country's foreign policy.

Panama Canal Zone postage stamp

Reagan Was Wrong—and Bad

In a 1963 grade school geography class, I learned a lot about the Panama Canal. Fifteen years later, that knowledge helped me understand that Ronald Reagan told lies and opened my eyes to the dishonesty in politics generally.

Vote for HAL

Fixing Congress with AI

UK Prime Minister Theresa May made a pitch for using Artificial Intelligence in government at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on January 25, 2018. Once we teach AI the rules, it could do a far better job than our present Congress and no worse than a well-functioning Congress.

Presumption of Honor

A talking head on one of the cable news shows recently suggested that a certain political figure wasn't corrupt because he served in the military. Military men were involved in the three worst political crimes in U.S. history.

No Ideas & Bad Ideas

When the computer system initially had problems in 2013, Republicans in Congress wanted John McAfee to fix it.