Ingenuity Mars helicopter

Ingenuity–built by the people of Earth

Which has more computer horsepower onboard: the almost car-sized Mars Perseverance rover or the tiny four-pound Ingenuity helicopter?


We Need More Companies Like SpaceX

Our government frequently cannot act in our best interest because of the immense control corporations and corporate money exert. It's good to have private sector companies doing their part to force change with better ideas and through real competition.


Space spending

Many Americans were awed and thrilled over, for example, the James Webb Space Telescope, but some see little value in space exploration and want the money spent here on Earth.


I saw Sputnik!

In early October 1957, I was looking at a bright white dot slowly moving across the night sky. My dad said it was the Soviet satellite Sputnik. It wasn't.

Earth's Age

Earth's Age

Young Earth Creationists claim that the Earth is only thousands of year old, not the 4.54 billion years that science claims. How can we really know the age of the Earth?



Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager flew around the Earth non-stop on one tank of gas in 1986. Steve Fossett did it in 2006.

Earth's Age

Compromising with Flat-Earthers

My conservative friend and I were discussing politics when he said that the extreme social divide can only be solved by the liberals listening to conservatives, understanding their issues, and compromising.

William Gilbert

Garlic and magnetism

Spelling errors are plentiful on the Internet, but none have had the long-term impact as the one made by a Roman scribe in 75 AD.